About us

The RunStrongNation team cares about the fate of our country, its defenders and their families with every fiber of our being.
We are conscientious citizens of our country with a deep patriotic consciousness. To support Ukraine's defenders, we launch online charity races and bicycle rides.

Not all of us can be at the front.
Not all of our citizens are currently in Ukraine.
Not everyone can be in good physical shape or have experience in combat, but absolutely everyone can join the good and patriotic RunStrongNation initiative from any country in the world to support Ukraine's defenders and honor the memory of the Heroes.

We invite you to support the initiative by joining an online race or cycling at a distance convenient for you.
For our part, we GUARANTEE: time spent with meaning, boosting morale and maintaining physical fitness!
Together to Victory!
Organizers: CO "Volunteer Front of Ukraine", "RunStrongNation"
EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations): 44894637


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